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4. - 8.02.2019

Bauhaus University Weimar

11. - 17.02.2019

Boddinale Community Movie Festival

sponsored and financed

by Bauhaus University Weimar

4.02.2019 10:00 - 18:00

Introduction “Stickybones.pose“

by Martyna Koleniec -  Stop Motion Director & Animator

About "Stickybones":

Rapid Posing & Animation Made Easy

A revolutionary animation figure 

perfectly calibrated to bring your ideas to life. 


Participans could learn basic principles of

animation, theory of movement, 

timing and spacing, silhouette and poses.

● 10 participants // no fee - financed by Bauhaus Uni

About Martyna Koleniec:

Martyna Koleniec an independent stop motion director, animator and character designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Author of many music videos i.a. "Lullaby", "Alien Scars" that were screened in festivals around the Europe, USA and Canada. As animator she worked on The Kite short film that was selected to Berlinale Generation Kplus competition and won 1st prize at pitching on Animarkt. She's handling all stages of film development - directing, set and puppet building, storyboarding, animating and editing. She is specialised in puppet animation, claymation but also open to any other technique, also expand her knowledge in puppet design, illustration and scriptwriting. 



5.02.2019 10:00 - 18:00

Introduction “Mobile Animation Box“ & Claymation Animation 

by Inventor & Animator Marcus Grysczok

Participants will focus on simple and

creative art of analogue animation that doesn't consume a lot of time and everybody can make it without a budget. 

During the workshop participants will design their own characters (clay - plasticine), learn principals of

animation, how to make a loop and animate it.


● 10 participants // no fee - financed by Bauhaus Uni

About "Mobile Animation Box":

Animated film is almost as old as cinematography itself and we are still enthusiastic about the motion process of the individual images. Stop Motion Artist Marcus Grysczok would like to develop an analog animation studio that fits into a suitcase. The flexible and space-saving system allows artists to work flexibly and professionally at virtually any time and any place. At schools and universities, the Mobile Animation Box provides an easy introduction to the world of analog animation, making it easier to implement creative ideas and acquire media skills through play.

Founded by Gründerwerkstatt neudeli Fellowship 2018 -Bauhaus University Weimar & constructed in cooperation with http://equipmentschmiede.de

6. - 8.02. 2019 10:00 - 18:00

Introduction “… creative activism in the social media“

Lecture by Txana Bane - open to all 

Workshop by Marcus & Martyna 

In this interdisciplinary 3 days workshop, together with Txana Bane (son of a tribe chief) of the people of Huni Kuin - who live in the Brazilian forest on the border to Peru. We will develop a concept & produce a short animation for a campaign.


● 10 participants // no fee - financed by Bauhaus Uni

and in cooperation with Living Gaia


interview Txana Bane taz:


more about the project:

in order to protect the forest and its indigenous people, we have launched a fundraising campaign to buy forest in Brazil in the state of Acre:
Living Gaia e.V. collects donations for land purchase in the Brazilian jungle to protect the
Huni Kuin tribe [in Acre] and uncontacted tribes who are also in the region. The Amazon and its indigenous people are under massive threat from Bolsonaro's taking office as Brazil's new
president. The Brazilian authority Funai, which is responsible for the reserves, has been transferred from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Agriculture. The governor of Acre
calls for local agro-revolution. This means that the reserve land is no longer safe from looting and deforestation.
By the acquisition of forest areas, which are already in private possession, their preservation
and protection are to be made possible. (Reserve land is state property and cannot simply be
bought). The TAZ has already published an article about our fundraising campaign and an interview
with Txana Bane, son of the Huni Kuin chief.
The article and the complete interview with Txana Bane on taz.de!
Taz.de: Txana Bane, the tribal chief's son in the interview: "We have to create places where cultures can give their best, where all sides win. Where it's not about one culture being
swallowed by another. This is my vision for a meaningful, future-oriented cooperation."

Donate & Participate:
Donations are best directly to our donation account of Living Gaia e.V.
Living Gaia e.V.
GLS Bank, IBAN: DE48 4306 0967 1150 1986 00, BIC: GENODEM1GLS
Keyword: Amazon land purchase
(if you would like to receive a donation receipt, please send your address by e-mail to
contact@living-gaia.org, donation receipts will be sent out at the beginning of the year, i.e.
for 2019 at the beginning of 2020)
The project can be also found online at betterplace.org (donation receipt via betterplace).
You can also donate there.  
Thanks a lot!

11.02.2019  9:00 - 16:30

Lighting for Stop Motion Animation 

by Ondřej Nedvěd - Cinematographer of the "The Kite“ 


Goal of the course: Participants could learn about basics of theoretical and practical aspects in lighting the stop-motion setup. 

They will earn practical knowledge of setting the lights for stop-motion camera for basic stop-motion scenography settings.


Course description: Introducing basics of lighting methods such as 3 point lightning and discussing logical aspect of the light in cinematography /usage of back light, sillouhette, front light, top-light/ Talking about possibilities of light modulations and behavior of the light in smaller scales such as stop-mo world. /discussing over examples of stills from fiction movies and /


Participants will practically illuminate two sets, with a puppet and basic scenography under supervision of the lecturer. Lecturer will provide all the handy tips and tricks how to improve participants approaches and still maintaining their own personal qualities. In the end of the course all the results will be screened and disscused over with all the participants that can critically contribute to the discussion.


Practical part: Introducing technical aspect of the cinematography profession, and talking about the practical aspect of setting the lights. In two stop-motion scenography set-ups (interior and exterior with painted background) participants will try to accomplish few given light moods and atmospheres.

About Ondřej Nedvěd:

Prague - based cinematographer switching between live action & stop motion. As a cinematographer he worked on a shortfilm The Kite that was selected to Berlinale Generation Kplus competition and won 1st prize at pitching on Animarkt Stop Motion forum 2017. Apart of that he shoot documentaries & short fiction films. His films were selected to festivals like Busho Hungary, Living Skies Canada, Scout Film Festival Vermont, or Istanbul International Festival of Turkey.


● 8 participants // 50€ per day


12.-14.02.2019  9:00 - 16:30

Acting for stop-motion animation 

by Julia Peguet - Animator Aardman Animations

This workshop will be based on three exercises, one per day. We will cover strong body poses as well as time and space which are the most crucial tools an animator has to convey meaning and emotions to the spectator through their puppet. The exercise of the last day is also a game. The aim is to have maximum fun while learning!

Day 1:

- Acting and pixillation group work (exercises) - installation of the units, first tests & ready to go for the day after. 


Day 2:

- Animation of armature + rig Narrative: a character reads a letter, gets into a rage, but reconsiders Detail: Character standing alone on a white neutral cove.

He opens a letter and reads. Anger boils up inside him, he goes into an over-acted fit and scrunches the letter into a ball before throwing it on the floor. Something happens to the ball of paper (choice of the students, can be poetic/super-natural, metaphorical, logical, humourous…).

Character pauses and he throws himself on the floor to open and flatten the letter and read it again (depending on what happened to the letter, this ending can adapt).


- Each attendee animates the same story-line.

- The narrative will introduce and be a base to learn about


● strong poses

● dynamic animation

● contrasts

● emotion/acting 

● timing

Day 3 Animation

- Pictionary-style game: situations are described on pieces of paper, given to students at random. They animate one seconde of that action (between 20 and 30 frames) like a street art mime, no accessories, background or even facial expressions, just the body. At the end of the day, we play all the clips and the other students have to immediately guess what precise action it is, with no ambiguous answers.

About Julia Peguet:

Thanks to 18 years' experience in the animation industry (including 11 years as a stop-frame animator at

Aardman Animations, one of the most renowned studios in the industry), she has gained invaluable technical

knowledge and interpersonal skills, as well as an acute sense of quality and craftsmanship. Her hard work

and personal abilities were soon rewarded by more supervising and leading roles on cutting-edge

productions. In recent years, she has also been putting my experience as well as my personal and

professional qualities to the service of students and help them on their own journey towards creating

high-quality, creative and smart animations for the industry. She am the author of “Secrets d’animateur”,

published by Pyramyd, where she shares her knowledge, and tricks of the trade to young animators and




● 10 participants // 50€ per day


15.-17.02.2019  9:00 - 16:30

Armature Building

Roos Mattaar - Armature Builder John Wright Modelmaking 

This three day armature building workshop will be an intensive course on armature building for stop motion animation. The participants will go away with a better understanding of industry standard processes of armature fabrication, pros and cons of wire and ball and socket armatures and what tools and materials are needed for the different processes.


Workshop goals:

The participants will learn advanced armature making techniques and build a wire armature including steel feet plates with tie downs and removable square brass fittings.

They will learn how to make technical scale drawings for armature fabrication, what to consider before building an armature, for both wire and ball and socket armatures and design an armature to their chosen design. The participants will also learn the basics of silver soldering and other metal working skills involved in ball and socket armature fabrication.

The participants can keep the armature, and any components and drawings made during the workshop.


“Working on a wide variety of projects from big scale feature films to quick turnaround low budget productions has allowed me to learn a lot about puppet fabrication from different angles. In this workshop I want to share this knowledge on how to design and build armatures for puppets for any situation and budget.”


About Roos Mattaar :

Roos Mattaar is an experienced armature maker and puppet fabricator. She has worked as armature maker for renowned companies such as John Wright Modelmaking (Early Man, Isle of Dogs) and Mackinnon & Saunders (Postman Pat, Twirlywoos) and was animator and puppet maker on award winning music videos for Sparks and Father John Misty. In Early 2018 Roos co-founded the Hangar Puppet Animation Studio in Bristol, from where she is working as stop motion animation director, puppet maker and animator on commissioned work as well as developing her own short films.


● 8 participants // 50€ per day



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